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1 1/4" STD CHROME NUT COVER Part Number: E1050 (E1050)
Lugnut covers wheels: 1 1/4 standard chrome lugnut cover for most dayton/spoke type wheels.
1 inch Standard Chrome Frame Nut Cover (E1045)
Lugnut covers body/frame: 1" standard chrome bolt cover. Used on many frame bolts.
1.5"x 2" Bullet Lug Nut Cover Part Number: E1006 (E1006)
Lug nut covers wheels: universal tall 1 1/2 x 2 lugnut covers. Used on all wheels with 1 1/2 inch lugs.
1.5"x1.5" STD S/S LUG NUT COVER Part Number: E1002 (E1002)
Lug nut covers wheels: 1 1/2 stainless steel standard lug nut cover
1/2" NUT COVER CHROME DIECAST Part Number: E1023 (E1023)
Lugnut covers body/frame: 1/2" chrome zinc die cast bolt cover. Used on many frame bolts.
13/16" Standard CHROME NUT COVER Part Number: E1038 (E1038)
Lugnut covers body/frame: 13/16 standard chrome bolt cover. Used on many frame bolts.
4" red/clear stop tail turn led lamp Part Number: 78274 (78274)
4" pearl stop tail turn led lamp 24 diode led lamp.
Clear lens when off, lights up red when lit.
Dual function uses standard 3 prong plug. grommet mount.
7" chrome air horn valve set Part Number: 69979 (69979)
Chrome air valve lever connects to the chrome 7" floor mount stand. 
Use Grand General 69991 Heavy Duty Train Horn for horn. 
E1030 11/16" STD CHRM NUT COVER (10103)
Lugnut covers body/frame: 11/16" standard chrome bolt cover. Used on many frame bolts.
Front axle cover 4 notch chrome Part Number: E1110 (E1110)
Axle covers front. Chrome front axle cover with 4 notches for newer steel and older aluminum wheels
Full 1pc stainless rear lite bar w/3 round s/t/t lights each end Part Number: 80130 (80130)
Full 1 pc stainless steel 94" rear light bar with 3 round s/t/t lights each end. Includes flap holders and mounting braces. 94"(L) x 6"(W) x 2-1/4"(D)
Heavy duty lug nut cover puller Part Number: 90250 (90250)
Heavy duty aluminum lug nut cover puller - pliers. To remove 33mm and 1 1/2" lug nut covers from lug nuts.
REAR AXLE COVER 7.5" STD Part Number: E1200 (E1200)
Axle covers rear: 7.5" Standard.
Stainless Oval Light Braket Part Number: 81382 (81382)
Polished Stainless Steel "L" bracket for mounting standard grommet mount oval LED or incandescent lights.
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